Brave House Cat Chases Away Massive Elephant Intruder in Thailand

In an astonishing encounter, a cat named Simba courageously chased off a four-tonne elephant that wandered into its garden in search of food in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand.

The three-year-old feline confronted the enormous creature, unfazed that it was much more extensive and capable of killing humans with a single step.

Kitten Chased An Elephant And Wandering Into Its Garden To Look For Food1
Standoff: The astonishing moment a pet cat – named Simba – chased away a four-tonne elephant that wandered into its garden in Thailand. Source: Daily Mail

A striking image reveals the determined tabby standing up to the wild elephant, which retreated empty-trunked, leaving a trail of broken trees in the garden.

Residents identified the 35-year-old elephant as Pai Salick, known for causing disturbances and trampling gardens in search of food.

Kitten Chased An Elephant And Wandering Into Its Garden To Look For Food2
Residents said the elephant is a 35-year-old ‘nuisance’ named Pai Salick that is known for trampling on people’s gardens in search of food. Source: Daily Mail

Park ranger Amnat Norasin explained that Pai Salick often roams around homes at night, and the house owner confirmed that his cat, Simba, is aggressive and territorial.

Approximately 2,000 elephants live in the wild in Thailand, with a similar number in captivity.

These elephants, primarily found in the deep jungle and national parks, often conflict with humans, who use the same areas for farming and gathering food.

Kitten Chased An Elephant And Wandering Into Its Garden To Look For Food3
Ordinarily, the elephant lives in a nearby forest, but he is often found walking around the homes at night and is well-known by the locals. Source: Daily Mail

Elephants are a protected species in Thailand, with their killing punishable by up to three years in prison and a fine of 1,000 baht (£25).

As the country’s national animal, elephants have played a significant role in Thai culture for centuries but became an endangered species in 1986.

The Indian elephant, a subspecies of the Asian elephant, is distinguishable from its African counterpart by its smaller ears and is the type found in Thailand.

Kitten Chased An Elephant And Wandering Into Its Garden To Look For Food4
But Pai Salick was left empty-trunked after the cat, who doesn’t like other animals entering his territory, bravely chased the elephant away. Source: Daily Mail

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