Migaloo baby? Extremely rare white whale spotted just 500 meters off the coast of Australia

Viewers were amazed by the beauty and latest images of Migaloo, the world’s most beloved rare white whale.

An extremely rare white whale was filmed swimming along the northern coast of New South Wales by a teenager, sparking speculation that the beloved Migaloo may have had a baby.

Brayden Blake, 16, filmed the white humpback swimming just 500 meters off the coast of Fingal Head, near Coolangatta, on Thursday.

The famous Australian whale Migaloo, named after an indigenous term meaning ‘white man’, is known to migrate north along the east coast at this time of year.

But experts believe Thursday’s sighting is not the popular Migaloo, but another rare white whale.

A 16-year-old caught a white humpback (pictured) frolicking along the east coast with a pod of whales using his drone

Migaloo (pictured), the 40-tonne, 15-metre albino humpback whale, usually appears in New Zealand in late June before heading to Cape Byron or the Gold Coast in late July.

The sighting has scientists excited that the whale may be a descendant of the famous humpback whale that has not been seen so far this season.

Marine expert Dr Wally Franklin told Nine it could be an ‘incredibly rare’ second albino whale in the eastern Australian whale pod.

“This is the first time I can say that the white whale I’m looking at could be a white whale other than Migaloo.

“The timing of the sighting is consistent with this being a younger whale, because it is still very early in the season,” said Dr. Franklin, who also identifies the beloved whale by the bumps on its dorsal fin.

Migaloo itself is destined to appear in late June or early July, if it is a different whale or the cetacean’s prized offspring.

“It’s been very consistent with those initial sightings, so that could be a good indication that it could be a second white whale, which in itself would be pretty incredible,” Dr. Franklin added.

Researchers were fascinated by Migaloo’s coloring (pictured), as it was believed to be the first all-white whale in the eastern humpback whale population.

The guy behind the video, Brayden, does shark surveillance using drones for Surf Life Saving NSW, and captured the white mammal playing with a pod of dolphins on his personal drone.

“I was paddling and surfing with my friend in the back… and I heard this strange singing or screaming noise,” Blake told The Guardian.

When he ran home to get his drone and then capture the images, he was amazed by the color of the humpback whale.

The whale believed to be Migaloo (pictured) was photographed swimming near Cape Schanck on the state’s southern coast on April 9, sending many fans of the rock star whale into a frenzy.

“I’ve seen regular humpback whales before, but this one didn’t look the same. Every time she came back for a breath of air, it was white,” she said.

Every year, between May and November, the humpback whale population makes its annual pilgrimage from Antarctica to the warmer waters of northeastern Australia.

They then mate and give birth before returning south with their young.

While Migaloo is one of these estimated 40,000 whales, it is considered particularly special due to its unusual coloration.

The first Migaloo sighting dates back to 1991 around Hervey Bay and researchers have been tracking the creature ever since.

Researchers were fascinated by Migaloo’s coloring, as it was believed to be the first all-white whale in the eastern humpback whale population.

He was named ‘Migaloo’, which means ‘white man’ in several indigenous languages.

Scientists are still not sure if it is an albino whale or if it is leucistic, meaning it cannot produce pigment but has colored eyes.

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