Global Amazement: Meet Rani, the smallest cow on Earth, just 20 inches tall.

Rani, the smallest cow in history, has sadly passed away.

Standing at 20 inches (50.8 cm) tall and weighing just 57 lbs (26 kg), Rani rose to fame in July 2021 after videos and images of her height went viral.

Two-year-old Bhutti, or Bhutanese cow, lived on a farm near Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bhutti cows are prized for their meat, however, Rani’s owner, Kazi Sufian, quickly realized that he could not sell her for that purpose.

Beyond being the smallest cow Kazi had ever seen, he realized that Rani might be the smallest cow anyone had ever seen.

“The other Bhuttis on the farm are twice as big as Rani,” he explained.

Rani’s short stature was caused by genetic inbreeding. As a result, it was unlikely that she would grow any further.

Kazi waited until Rani was almost two years old before claiming her right to be the world’s smallest cow. She thought it would be a great way to inform the world about this breed of cattle.

Rani was an instant internet sensation.

Thousands of people made a pilgrimage to Charigram hoping to witness the special cow.

Unfortunately, the following month, on August 19, 2021, Rani passed away after suffering from stomach inflammation.

According to local reports, this was caused by overeating and gas buildup in the stomach. She was rushed in for treatment, however, veterinarians were unable to save her.

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