Adorable miniature horses, and yes, they are adults now!

As soon as you hear the word “horse”, what comes to mind is the image of a strong, majestic and large creature galloping gracefully. But we are here to alter that generalization about the horse. Today we present you the mini horse. These horses are similar to your average horse, but they are smaller and much cuter than your average horse.

These creatures were developed in Europe during the 17th century. Typically, the height of these horses is less than 34 to 38 inches (86 to 97 cm). Miniature horses are used as service animals because they are sociable creatures that successfully take on the role of assistance dogs. They are friendly with humans and their adorableness is an added feature. These horses also participate in horse shows.

Mini horses are too small, so they cannot or are impossible for humans to ride, and that includes children too. That is why they are trained to drive or kept as pets. These animals are known to be great companions. If you ever decide to get a miniature horse, it can spend its days being adorable and acting like a beloved family pet. Horses that fall into the mini horse category are usually South African miniature horses or Falabella horses.

#1. Definitely living proof that the shorter you are, the cuter you are.

Image credit; pulpofuzzyblue

#2. Two little babies sleeping soundly.

Image credit;

#3. Just look at how playful and wild this little creature is.

Image credit; DecentDudeDustin

#4. My dog ​​friend and I are going out for a nice walk. Don’t let our appearance fool you into thinking we are pandas.

Image credit; Imgur

#5. The mini version of black beauty.

Image credit; image

#6. Looking adorable while snuggling with my stuffed animal.

Image credit;

#7. One miniature horse looks cute, but two together look cuter.

Image credit; shh_i’m_not_here

#8. Posing for a photo like a big guy.

Image credit; Twidbin

#9. Advantages of being a mini horse: you can travel in cars.

Image credit; image

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