Adorable purple chinchillas look perfectly round from behind

Chinchillas are adorable animals well known for their fluffiness. But what you don’t know is that they are also special for their perfectly round cylinder heads. Their butts are similar to a perfect circle and Cameron Holmes from the United Kingdom has proven it. These well-treated creatures are sweet and their coat naturally looks perfect. Chinchillas come from the Andes of South America.

They are able to successfully survive in harsh climates thanks to their thick fur coat. These animals clean themselves by taking dust baths in the morning. They also like to snack and take naps. Cameron, of Cameron’s Chinchillas, says: “We turn on the lights and say good morning to all the chinchillas and each one of them waits by their food hopper waiting for it to fill.”

#1. This adorable face is sure to brighten your day.

#2. Just look at how perfectly round her butt is.

#3. This animal looks like a stuffed children’s toy.

#4. We should invent the saying “as round as a chinchilla’s butt.”

#5. The level of cuteness is simply touching.

#6. Hey, human.

#7. And this is my serious face.

#8. Just look at that perfect ass.

#9. I can’t stand how adorable they look.

#10. Two perfect butts in one image.

#eleven. How can anyone say “no” to that pretty face?

#12. Posing for a photo with my human.

#13. I love it when he hugs me.

#14. Cute alone, but cuter together.

#fifteen. I know I’m too cute.

#16 Well, I know I am a “furball.”

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