From resistance to a second chance: A small dog defies the odds and embraces an unimaginably better life.


Unfortunately, owner shelters are quite common throughout the country. People return or abandon their dogs for numerous reasons, ranging from childhood allergies to physical difficulties and places of residence that do not allow pets to stay on site.

Despite this news that often happens, the Dallas area rescue team was surprised when a puppy named Hattie got lost. Hattie’s owners took her to the local shelter in 2018 and, at that time, she was developing mainly on her left side.



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Apparently, the significant growth had been taking place for the previous two years, and Pothig had benefited from it. Dallas DogRRR – Rescυe.гeһаЬ. Reform took Hattie under his care and set out to offer her the opportunity to have a better life.



A risky but miraculous surgery

Obviously, the rescue team said they needed this loot removed. I’ll take Hattie to Vet Rach, an organization that provides veterinary care for abandoned animals.

The added weight on her side damaged Hattie’s legs and her ability to walk. Dr. Karri of Vet Rach is attentive to the blood vessels and muscles on that side. Still, Hattie is at her disposal. Before surgery, Dr. Karri shared:

“It’s so important to me that she’s used to just dealing with this.”



Believe it or not, veterinarians were able to remove the huge tumor, which finally weighed 15 pounds. That’s about half the dog’s body weight!

Hattie’s body had to adapt, but the happy-go-lucky dog ​​did it! I even had to wait for her on the other side. Hattie was finally adopted in December 2018.

Veterinarian Rach has a video of his surgery and recovery process if you have the stomach for it:

Free of fears and happy

If this “plastic bag” is so easy to get rid of, Hattie breaks it down much more easily. She still has certain medical problems, but she lives a full and happy life with all the love and care she needs.

Hattie’s adoptee posted on Facebook: “She lives in this house [coп] garden and tіeпe sister eпorme. tіeпe freedom eп the home and dυerme eп υпa bed size kiпg every пoche. [Hattie] has had some medical issues, but we go to the vet coп regυlarity to maпt keep her watched”.

After laughing and seeming desperate to some, Hattie is simply a happy, healthy dog ​​enjoying her older years with her family. For this, credit must be given to veterinary science, but much of the praise goes to the people who could see that she deserved the best.

But if you see that from all sides, this kind of desire is fragile from time to time, precious and precious. But let us see from all sides that at this time, at the same time, it is precious and open to the desire of the fripgilla.





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