A Heartfelt Story of Two Homeless Kids Wandering the City Streets.

Rommel Quemenales, an 11-year-old Filipino boy from Quezon City, has faced challenges from a very young age due to his parents’ divorce, which led to him living separately from them. He also has an older sister who lives in a different city, making his situation even more challenging. Despite these difficulties, Rommel was determined to continue his education, but financial constraints forced him to leave school during the second grade.

Rommel’s story gained widespread attention when pictures of him and his loyal dog went viral on social media, touching the hearts of people from all over the world. These images were captured by Maria Kabs, who saw Rommel and his dog on the streets and felt compelled to share their story on her Facebook page.

The story first gained traction in 2018, with a particularly moving image of Rommel peacefully asleep while cradling his dog amidst adversity. Rommel found solace and companionship in Badgi, a homeless dog he met while living on the streets. The bond between them grew strong as they supported each other through the challenges of survival.

Rommel reciprocated Badgi’s loyalty by sharing his food with his faithful companion, and every night, they found comfort sleeping side by side. Despite the difficult circumstances that brought them together, these two kindred spirits brightened each other’s lives and found hope in each other’s company.

Rommel, like Badgi, displayed resilience in the face of isolation and hardship. Badgi’s love for his friend transcended material circumstances; whether Rommel was well-off or homeless, Badgi’s unwavering affection remained constant.

Thanks to the efforts of caring individuals and the widespread attention generated by Maria’s post about Rommel and Badgi, Rommel is now attending school and working toward a better future with his beloved dog by his side.

Through it all, Rommel’s story reminds us that he is filled with love, dreams, and happiness, appreciating the deep bond he shares with his faithful dog, no matter what challenges life has thrown his way.

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