Ithumba’s Enchanting Transformation: A Celebration of Life in Tsavo’s Green Season

Nestled in the heart of Tsavo, Ithumba emerges as a captivating oasis, especially during the enchanting green season.

Marked by the vibrant hues of life, the weaver birds announce the seasonal shift with their nests—a reliable sign that rain is on the horizon.

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As the once-parched earth transforms into a canvas of green, Ithumba truly lives up to its reputation as the “jewel in the crown” of Tsavo East National Park.

Founded by the visionary David Sheldrick, Ithumba becomes a haven of life during the rainy season.

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The once-red earth, now saturated with moisture, comes alive with a symphony of greenery, buzzing insects, and the playful antics of vervet monkeys.

The atmosphere crackles with the energy of life, creating a breathtaking tableau of nature’s resilience and renewal.

During the rainy season, the orphans of Ithumba eagerly embrace the arrival of rain, reveling in every detail of the transformation.

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Their days are filled with the delight of seeking rainwater puddles and feasting on fresh shoots. When raindrops descend from the sky, their excitement knows no bounds.

The orphans pause their activities to revel in the rain, rolling on the wet ground and expressing unbridled joy.

The social dynamics shift as the rains draw wild elephants to Ithumba, enticed by the promise of water and nourishment.

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Despite the occasional absence of independent orphans exploring the lush Tsavo, Ithumba remains a haven of celebration during the green season.

With the freedom to explore, the orphans transform Tsavo into their watery playground. Puddles become irresistible invitations, and the orphans frolic in smaller pools or venture into the main waterhole like playful fish.

Their days are filled with the vitality of the season, a testament to the abundance and energy that the rains bring.

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In a touching moment, wild-living orphan Wendi blesses Ithumba with a precious new addition on November 17—a tiny calf named Wema, meaning “goodness” in Swahili.

Born into a world adorned in greenery and abundance, Wema symbolizes the beauty of life and the promise of a thriving future in Ithumba’s nurturing embrace.

As the green season unfolds, Ithumba is a testament to nature’s cycles, offering a sanctuary for orphans and wild elephants. It is a celebration of life, renewal, and the enduring beauty of Tsavo’s jewel in the crown.

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