CLOSE-UP: 36-year-old young talent, Lionel Messi continues to make fans dizzy with his ‘super’ dribble past 5 El Salvador players ‎

The 36-year-old striker performed magic again, making the fans admire.Messii - Bóng ĐáLionel Messi continues to be the focus in the recent friendly match between El Salvador and Inter Miami.Messii - Bóng ĐáThe Argentine striker appeared in the starting lineup and delighted fans with his top dribbling moves.Messii - Bóng ĐáDespite receiving special care, El Pulga still knows how to overwhelm opposing defenders with his ability to handle situations intelligently.Messii - Bóng ĐáThe Argentinian striker filled Cuscatlan Stadium with applause for his dribble that recreated his peak.Messii - Bóng ĐáStanding under the tutelage of a series of white shirt silhouettes, Messi was completely calm, overcoming up to 4 opposing defenders.Messii - Bóng ĐáAnd only when fouled can the El Salvador player stop the progress of the reigning Golden Ball.Messii - Bóng Đá Messii - Bóng Đá Messii - Bóng Đá Messii - Bóng Đá


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